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Mivara Makes You Feel Special Herey


With a variety of activities, a rich landscape and numerous services that will make you feel privileged, Mivara combines your social life with holiday and prestige. Lose and find yourself in the unique landscape and atmosphere of Gundogan, where you will feel totally free while enjoying your time.

Enjoy It!

How about a world travel by tasting the delights offered by unique masters for Mivara? While discovering flavors by famous chiefs that will appeal to your taste, you will once again feel the sense of being privileged.



Take The Advantages!

You will maintain your prestige on your area via private floors, valet parking and VİP transportation services. Just enjoy your travel with the special transfer service for you from the airport to Mivara. You can easily arrive at any point you desire via buggies in short trips within boundaries of Mivara.




Always under control in any aspects for 7/24 via private security teams and technologies, Mivara assure the security of its residents.